Fields of Advice
Banking Law

Corporate law
Company formations
Purchase and sale of companies and shares
Mergers & acquisitions
Corporate restructuring
Joint Ventures
Increases and reductions in capital stock exchange admissions

Commercial law
Distribution agreements
Agency agreements
General terms and conditions of business
Franchise agreements
Commercial sales contracts

Export Control
US export control regulations
EU dual use regulations

Cartel law
Antitrust regulations
Merger control
Representation and advice in these matters on an Austrian and European level

Protection of industrial property rights
Trademark law
Copyright law
Utility law
Design law
Patent law, in particular inventor remuneration claims

Telecommunications law
(see relevant decisions where the firm has been involved)

Competition law
Representation in unfair competition litigations
(see relevant decisions in the telecom sector where the firm has represented)

Food, chemicals, cosmetics and drugs law

Media law

Product Liability

Real estate and construction law
Real property transactions
Rent and leasing agreements relating to real properties, buildings, offices and condominiums

Labor law
Collective and individual labor law
Representation before the labor courts

Environmental law
Water law
Waste management law
Air pollution law
Forestry law

Administrative law
Representation before administrative authorities and independent administrative tribunals
Appeals to the Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court

Estate planning
Execution of last wills
Foundation law

Representation under civil procedure law
Representation before the courts and arbitration tribunals
Debt collection proceedings